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Paper   IPM / Nano-Sciences / 16995
School of Nano Science
  Title:   Confinement-Induced Alternating Interactions between Inclusions in an Active Fluid
1.  M. Zarif
2.  Ali Naji
  Status:   Published
  Vol.:  102
  Year:  2020
  Pages:   032613
  Supported by:  IPM
In a system of colloidal inclusions suspended in a thermalized bath of smaller particles, the bath engenders an attractive force between the inclusions, arising mainly from entropic origins, known as the depletion force. In the case of active bath particles, the nature of the bath-mediated force changes dramatically from an attractive to a repulsive one, as the strength of particle activity is increased. We study such bath-mediated effective interactions between colloidal inclusions in a bath of self-propelled Brownian particles, being confined in a narrow planar channel. Confinement is found to have a strong effect on the interaction between colloidal particles, however, this mainly depends on the colloidal orientation inside the channel. Effect of the confinement on the interaction of colloidal disk is controlled by the layering of active particles on the surface boundaries. This can emerge as a competitive factor, involving the tendencies of the channel walls and the colloidal inclusions in accumulating the active particles in their own proximity.

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